DJ Set

DJ Moikano começou o mixar em 2011 , em constante pesquisa no universo da  música etnica e psicodélica para apresentar sets de qualidade e  mixagens bem construidas e dinamicas .

Podem variar entre os estilos que mais gosta desde downtempo passeando pelo progressivo psicodélico ao Psychedelic/Goa Trance .

Moisés Marques – DJ MoiKano
Psiconauta estudante da vida , amante das artes eterno aprendiz .


Marques Moses “Mineirim” of Belo Horizonte passionate about music since childhood trance met in 2002 in a contact with the unforgettable song by Robert Miles children something that would open their perception and admiration by E-Music.

Alternative Mining Representative in scene
spent much of his teenage years enjoying various styles and rhythms urban tribes
but never ceased to enjoy the good old European trance.

Amid psychedelic experiences, met Goa Trance going to attend open air festivals of Minas Gerais

At the end of 2010 is interested in studying music production
since then engaged in aspects of the psychedelic trance, always focusing on the essence of ethnic music on repeat.

The following year he feels will produce the sets, doing his best to present well constructed and dynamic mixes.

Can vary between styles you like best from Downtempo strolling through the Progressive Psychedelic / Goa Trance.

Love Love Love Thanks!

Moses Marques – DJ MoiKano
Psychonaut student of life, lover of the arts lifelong learner.


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